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90 Miles from the United States Border, Communism is on America's Doorstep

      Time to Free Cuba and Rid our Hemisphere of Communism

About Us

We are a group of businessmen from every region of the United States. We believe private industry must take over and make up for the failings of our Government and the bias of the media. The people of Cuba need our help. They have needed it for such a long time. For many, it is beyond livable and they desperately need our help. And many Cuban people have very little to lose. 

Selfishly, we believe if we let this moment pass, and just do a "ho, hum", what is happening to Cuba, over time, will happen to the United States. There is a worldwide Marxist movement to change and weaken the United States of America, and it is "in your face". Do not believe it will go away. It will just get stronger and stronger until we the people lose our voices and globalist American leaders take over. America wasn't created to become this. So, we will be faced with the same choice Cuba has. We, too, have no choice but to fight.

We think the time to fight is now. We now see what Communism does with our next door neighbor. We see how Cuban Dictators have poisoned the lives of Venezuelans and those in El Salvador. And, with China now courting Cuba, the end game is inevitable. We fight with truth. We tell everyone what is happening in Cuba. We show everyone what Communism is about/ And the power of our votes will vanquish these cancers in our lives for a  very long period of time. It's time. We have no choice!

The Real Truth About Cuba


The most potent weapon ever.  Your Vote!

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