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90 Miles from the United States Border, Communism is on America's Doorstep

      Time to Free Cuba and Rid our Hemisphere of Communism

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Cuba Wins is a movement dedicated to eliminating Communism in Cuba and stopping it from spreading to America. We believe that Cuba has to turn away from Communism or all of the Americas are in jeopardy. We need numbers joining us and believing in this cause and we happily pay weekly commissions for those who wish to raise funds to support us.  

Every day we will update our system with the truth of what it is like living under Communism. We will continue until Cuba is free. Our happiest day will be when we shut down. The lies that are being told by our media and politicians are unforgiveable, so the fight is major, But truth usually wins out and we expect to prove that.

Thanks for any help you can provide. 

Welcome to our cause. 

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For Volunteers who wish to help and spread the Cuba Wins message. Volunteers will be contacted via email, and we will set you up with those tasks that fit your desires. Please put "Volunteer" in the text of your message and send to: 

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