Cuba Wins                   Spanish Translation

90 Miles from the United States Border, Communism is on America's Doorstep

      Time to Free Cuba and Rid our Hemisphere of Communism


This is the page that directs how you can help us. If you believe in what we're doing, please "Donate" by clicking on the "Donate" Button Below. Funds will be spent to create partners across the country, bring more advocates for Cuba to the attention of our Leaders, supply needed funds to writers and content providers to get the message out honestly about what is really happening in Cuba. There may be other funding needs to help certain people living there get information out, as well as helping key people who are under duress trying to free the Country. A myriad of possibilities and whatever it takes is what we have to do. 

If you wish to raise funds for our cause  please email us at IWe will set you up with your own page and you will receive 20% Commissions for all who contribute under your direction.

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